Section 2 - Bevel Clusters - Iris (sidelight)
Prices starting at $225

This is how it was accomplished:

  1. At the local Stained Glass Studio, the customer selected the design for her sidelight, the bevel cluster, and her glass.
  2. She worked with me to pick out an artwork design for me to paint on her bevel.
  3. I called an estimate of the painting cost in to the stained glass studio, followed up with a fax of my estimate.
  4. The Stained Glass Studio sent me the large bevel center with the customer's selected design (Iris's in deep velvety mauve colors). The center bevel is shown on page 2.2.
  5. The Stained Glass Studio sent me a check for my painting.
  6. I painted and returned the bevel to the stained glass studio for installation into the sidelight within schedule.

The customer was very pleased with the unique artwork and her sidelight.

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