Section 15 - Plates & Pieces for Church Windows
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This is one of the most challenging areas of the fine art of glass painting that I have attempted. The results have been stunning.

Here are some photos of Joan's latest endevor. She is painting 114 large glass pieces for a four foot by seven foot window for a chapel in Lousiana (see pages 15.7 through 15.10)


page 15.5

These pieces were painted for a church window showing Jesus in the Garden (pictures on page 15.5).

  The picture on page 15.1, doesn't do the finished piece justice. This plate is being used as the centerpiece in a window, for St. Mary's Catholic Community Church, located in Walsenburg, Colorado. The church is on the "Historical Registry for Churches", and is currently under going restoration.

With many thanks to my friend Del for providing them, I now have pictures (on page 15.2) of the church with the window installed. Great Job Del!!!


These pieces were done for a church window depicting Jesus the Shepherd (pictures on page 15.4).


These plates were done for a Baptist church (pictures on page 15.3).

  This piece was used in a lighted panel at Pope John Paul II high school in Boca Raton, FL (pictures on page 15.6).

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