Section 16 - Plates for Tudor Home Windows
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Some of the windows in this Tudor home are being replaced with new ones. Plain windows are having artwork added to them. David commissioned me to create plates (approximately six inches in diameter) to be placed in the center of each new window. Some of the current windows have shield shaped plates in the center, the new ones will have circular center plates.

Windows are being enhanced with some very unique and special artwork. David wanted the new artwork to blend with the existing windows and the home design. The following pages show some of the hand painted, custom designs David, his wife, and daughter requested. One of the designs requested was a picture of the house, this plate is shown on page 16-1. Unique designs go well in homes of all kinds.

In their young daughter's room, the owners envisioned a theme with which she could happily grow up. We arrived at a Pixie and a Unicorn.

They envisioned, "From Wheat to Bread" and "From Grapes to Wine" for their newly remodeled kitchen. And, for the dining room, "Bountiful Seafood Feasts" and "Autumn Harvest" (cornucopia).

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