After pulling into the small street by the tire store, we talked with the owner, and found out that none of the streets would take us back out to the road (we would have to turn around, and when towing the van, we cannot back-up).  He told me that big truck usually turn around in the small lot in front of the shed (in the center of the picture above).  He carefully walked us through the "u-turn", and we were successful, just missing the steel girder sticking out of the ground next to the ditch on the left side of the driveway (as you look at the building) by a few inches.  Next, we found out that neither he nor any of the three other tire stores in town had the tires that we needed.  However, he was helpful in pointing out that the rear tires of the van were probably overloaded (this may have been the cause of the blow-out, or it could have been related to the large chunk of truck tire that we had inadvertently run over the day before.).  Any way, we continued on to Sylva, NC, where we eventually replaced the tires with heavy-duty Michelin tires..

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