Section 1 - Lamps (Shade Kits)
Prices starting at $259

Glass painting on stained glass panels creates beautiful lamp shades to enhance any decor. Each lamp shade is hand painted by me in my Art Studio here in Boca Raton, FL. The artwork is kiln fired into pre-cut stained glass panels. Each is a signed piece of fine art (for "Future Heirloom value"). These lamps can be use in many places in your home or office, including living room, dining room, den, bedroom, kitchen, family room, or home office. Designs can incorporate family crests, names, your coat of arms or other custom designs. Religious motifs are also available. Lamps can have messages or quotations painted on them to personalize them. Since each lamp shade is custom painted, I can incorporate colors and designs to match your home or office decor. I can use designs to suit your taste. Crowns for the top of the lamp shades can also be designed and painted to match most of the lamp styles shown here.

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